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Dunn Company is the leading, experienced, residential, municipal and commercial construction company specializing in demolition, deconstruction, commercial salvage, grading, excavating, site preparation and other services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Concrete, Interior, House, Demolition Services

A portion of an existing house being demolished in order to add a new wing with a different floor plan from the original.


House Demolition

When it comes to residential or house demolition services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Dunn Company is the expert. We have the experienced crews and the right-sized equipment to efficiently remove an entire house or a portion of a house while keeping the impact on the surrounding landscape to a minimum. Our Bobcats are capable of demolishing an entire house, yet are nimble enough to start an addition. Larger excavators are also available when needed.

Foundation, Patio Demolition

Whether you are removing the back patio or the foundation, our hydraulic hammers can remove concrete asphalt, and rocky soil.

Our specialized equipment keeps costs down and job time to a minimum.

Concrete Demolition Services

Our home and concrete demolition services are comprehensive. Prior to actual demolition, we will identify and remove salvageable items like light fixtures and copper or other valuable materials. We will identify and mitigate any safety hazards that may be present. After demolition our crew will handle full site cleanup, removing all debris and preparing the site for the next contractor. You can contact our interior demolition services for more information or set your schedule accordingly.

Full Residential Demolition

Foundation Removal

Interior Demolition

Lot Clearing

Interior Concrete Removal

Machinery Removal

Tenant Improvement Cleanup


Interior Strip Outs

Small jobs OKAY!

Kitchen / Bath Demolitions

Lot Clearing

Selective demolition job where foundation and subfloor was retained.
The subfloor materials are valuable and recyclable. They will be manually disassembled.​
Selective demolition job where foundation and subfloor was retained.
Brick facade coming down during a full residential demolition.