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Dunn Company is the leading, experienced, residential, municipal and commercial construction company specializing in demolition, deconstruction, commercial salvage, grading, excavating, site preparation and other services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Pool Removal

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Pool Removal

At this site an outdated tennis court and swimming pool are being removed in preparation for re-landscaping. Much of the spoils from this job represents clean fill and will be recycled in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The Bobcat descends into a pool being demolished.

ired of maintaining your outdated pool? Unsure how safe it is for the kids?

Dunn Company specializes in pool abandonment projects, whether you need the entire shell removed or just broken down and filled in. After the permits are obtained, and engineering decisions are made, the job time normally takes one week with all the inspections, demolition, and backfill.

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  • Pool Fill In – Backfilled and Compacted
  • Yard Re-Grading
  • Minimum Damage to Site
  • Debris Removal
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